Delivery places

Your delivery can take place between 37 and 42 weeks,of your pregnancy. You have three options where you can deliver your baby.
In order for you to deliver in the comfort of your own home, a delivery-pack is required. You also need to register with kraamzorg bureau (care assistant), who will assist us with the delivery.  
Geboortecentrum/Mother en Baby center
The 'Geboortecentrum Maasstad' is situated on the grounds of Maasstad Hospital. 

Mother & baby centre is situated in the ground of Ikazia Hospital.

Please ensure to register within 20-25 weeks of your pregnancy.  Please not that does not give guarantee for you to deliver there, however should it be full you may need to have a second option.

How long you can stay varies per center, they have  evenings for more information. We would strongly advice you to have a care assistant when you go home, ensure you are registered with one.  Around 36wkn you should get a home visit with the bureau.
Polyclinic delivery
You have the opportunity to deliver in two hospitals: mainly Ikazia and Maasstad. Please keep in mind that a fee may be charged for you to deliver here and also notice that within six hours of your delivery you have to go home.  We would recommend that you register with your hospital of choice, however,  there is no guaranty of you delivering there, this is all due to the delivery-rooms being occupied.
Should complications arise, your care will be handed over to the gynaecologist. That means a home-delivery or a delivery in the Geboortecentrum is no longer applicable. You will have to deliver in hospital.