when to call extra

False labor or early labor may have some of the following symptoms:
- Contractions that are irregular and/or more than five minutes apart
- Pelvic pressure which is constant and not intermittent or wave-like
- Losing your mucous plug does not indicate that your labor is starting
During false labor, try to distract yourself. Watch a movie, take a shower, go on a walk and drink fluids (dehydration can cause irregular contractions)
True labor can be distinguished from false labor because:
- Contractions are 5 minutes apart (from start to start), each contraction lasts at
  least 1 minute, and this pattern continues for 1-2 hrs
- The contractions make you stop and catch your breath
The contractions do not go away after drinking some fluids or lying down
Try to walk and see if the contractions get stronger and more regular. Call your midwife when you are having contractions every 3-5 minutes that are lasting 45-60 seconds each for 1 hour. If you have given birth before, call when the contractions are every 5-7 minutes apart, lasting 45-60 seconds. Labor is often more intense and faster with subsequent pregnancies and after you break your bag of water. In active labor, your contractions will be every 2-3 minutes apart. At this time, you can expect your cervix to start dilating.
Bloody Show
Bloody show is a small amount of blood mixed with mucous, which is a normal part of labor. After a cervical exam, you may see some bloody show. The show is less than a period, so if you soak a pad in less than an hour, please call your doctor. Any persistent bright red vaginal bleeding needs to be communicated to your midwife immediately.
The amniotic fluid has a distinct smell, which is quite different from the smell of urine. Please note the color of your amniotic fluid and call your midwife when your membranes breaks. If you notice a yellowish or greenish fluid, please make sure you communicate this to your midwife.
Please call your midwife
-  When contractions are 5 minutes apart (from start to start), each contraction lasts at least 1 minute, and this pattern continues for 1-2 hours
- When your contractions are every 3-5 minutes apart lasting 45-60 seconds for 1 hour. If you have given birth before, please call if you are contracting every 5- minutes lasting 45-60 seconds for 1 hour.
-  When your membranes breaks. Please call immediately if you are leaking any green or yellowish fluid.
-  If you are having heavy bright red vaginal bleeding
-  If you are experiencing continuous abdominal pain
If at any time during false labor or true labor, your fetal kick count falls below 10 movement in 2 hours.