Intake information

The first check-up takes place between the 8th and the 11th week.
This check-up will mainly focus on the intake, getting to know eachother and making sure every aspect of the pregnancy is clear to you.
What will happen during your first visit?
The following information will be required:
1. address and supportive I.D. documentation
2. information concerning your insurance
3. calculation of your due date
4. information over past pregnancies, deliveries, miscarriages
5. your medical history
6. your family history, in particular congenital disorders, e.g. down
    syndrome, edwards and spinal bifida
7. information concerning your lifestyle and your eating habits
During your first visit:
1. measuring of the blood pressure and urine
2. we will be taking blood to determine your bloodgroup, rhesus, 
    rubella, HIV, Hepatitis B and STDs like chlamydia.
    We also do extra testing for different homoglobinopathies. e.g.
    sickle cell anemia
3. relevant: follow-up appointments and scans
With pregnancies over 12 weeks we can listen to the heartbeat. You  will get your first appointment for the scan at STAR of the hospital.
Depending on your insurance, you can regulate care assistants by registering online or by phone. Folders with more information can be found in the waiting room.